Autobahn Window Films

Orlando Window Film proudly carries the Autobahn window films from the Autobahn network. Autobahn offers a range of products that are meant to be durable, clear, high performing and long lasting. The European patented nano-ceramic technology behind these window films is not only affordable but also stable enough not to fade or change shades over time. It can withstand the test of elements.

Autobahn window films offers three different lines of products. The first is Extreme. It is known for its low reflectivity, its scratch resistant coating, the 99% of UV rejection, wide selection of VTs, and a lifetime warranty. Its sophistication in style is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical as it saves energy costs.

The second is Performa. It has a special filtering quality which increases heat rejection by up to 65%. Performa window films also have spectral filtering as well as a scratch resistant coating. It rejects up to 99% of UV rays and comes with a lifetime warranty. Performa is known for its hybrid technology that combines spectral filtering and solar energy rejection. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical as it reduces energy costs, and is an affordable solution to heat and UV rays for automobiles.

The third of the Autobahn series is the Ceramic film. It is a patented nano-ceramic technology that rejects up to 75% of the heat that enters a vehicle through the window film. It has a durability that is long lasting, and rejects 99.9% of the UV rays. These films are a 100% dye and metal free which means it will be fade and rust resistant. It can withstand the temperatures, elements and time. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. There is an adhesive, substrate, hard coat layer and anti-smudge quality for top notch performance.

The Select series is the fourth of the Autobahn Window Films. It comes with a German technology that produces low reflectivity, high heat rejection and 98% infrared rejection. 99.9% UV rejection is guaranteed for Select window films. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Select series is made from precious metals such as gold and silver for high performance. This product is made to ensure a comfortable car ride for you and your passengers, as well as the safety of your eyes and skin.

The Autobahn series is designed to provide you with a cool, comfortable and luxurious ride. It controls the temperatures on the inside, retains your privacy from the outside, and enhances your driving experience.