Orlando Window Film offers a lifetime warranty backed by Huper Optik. The Huper Optik window films are patented by nano-ceramic, dye and metal free materials.

Automotive, marine and residential window films come with a lifetime warranty to ensure a cost effective service and product. The warranty covers both the film and the labor cost to install. Commercial window films come with a fifteen-year warranty.

The Huper Optik film is designed to retain its aesthetically pleasing quality throughout the warranty. It is also resistant against bubbles, peels, delamination and blisters.
Security and Safety

The Huper Optik window technology is designed to resist against strong blows. Should a rainstorm occur, the Huper Optik window film will prevent any residential, commercial, car or marine window safe from debris and strong winds. The window film’s blow resistant quality will keep windows intact during stormy weather. Rather than shuttering windows sealed to prevent glass breaks from strong vibrations, the window film will prevent shakes.

Furthermore, the Huper Optik window film retains any breaks and shatters that might occur from flying debris or criminal break-ins. If a window is unprotected, broken glass can go flying, causing injuries and other accidents. Furthermore, cleaning up broken glass can be costly as it usually requires a professional crew. Should broken glass get stuck in the crevices of seats and other areas, it becomes hard to find.