LLumar Window Films

The Eastman Chemical Company manufactures LLumar window films from chemicals founded by the George Eastman company of Eastman Kodak. The materials supplied by Eastman products are everyday, industrial products found in households. It produces automotive, residential and commercial window films to secure and comfort customers. It has over 55 years of experience in film production, technology and machinery.

The LLumar window film can control the sun’s rays. It reduces cost on home energy spent on cooling by 40%, as well as money spent on fuel for cars. The LLumar window film is also recognized for its sustainability. The Environmental Protection Agency recognized the company’s 2013 Energy Star partnership for its energy efficient qualities.

LLumar Window Films for Cars

The LLumar window film for cars will improve your automotive experience drastically. No one wants to go for a ride on a beautiful day out and not get some sun. The sun, however, comes with its own problems. The UV rays are harmful to your vision and your skin. The solar rays can cause overheating inside vehicles. You might end up blasting the air conditioning which is not only costly but also damaging to the environment.

Why waste gas and money when you can reduce these costs with a single investment? The LLumar window films for cars can improve your riding experience by controlling what kind of light you let in. This window film reduces surface temperatures by 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It blocks out more than 99% of the UV rays that causes skin cancer. It protects you and the passengers from skin damage. It is so reliable that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it as a part of its skin care solution. Furthermore, these window tints block out UV rays that can also damage your interior. If you have a leather interior, the UV ray can make it fade or crack. If you have a synthetic upholstery, The UV rays will fade the fabric. The LLumar window film will also reduce glare, which will prevent eye straining, allowing a safer, smoother drive.

The LLumar window film comes in a range of light to dark shades. It will ensure a more comfortable and cool ride for you and your passengers. Not only will it cool the inside of your car, but it’ll also offers privacy so that outsiders can peer in. The colors generally range in shades of charcoal. The LLumar window films for cars are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and is a 100% made in the USA.

The LLumar window film is not only great for your car’s interior, but it also protects your car’s paint. In order to keep your car’s exterior safe from scratches, abrasions and extreme temperatures, consider the durable LLumar paint protection film. A glossy, high performing shield from LLumar window films comes in paint form. It shields cars from everyday damages. There are harmful objects that can hit your car on the road such as debris, rocks, pebbles, salt and sand. The LLumar paint film can also shield your car from damages that can occur on a day-to-day such as force against the hood on your car, your bumper, door edges and handles, your side view mirrors, fenders and rocker panels. The LLumar paint film comes with a five year warranty and is installed by professionals. It also comes with a self-healing technology that can resist cracks, scratches, fading, stains, and other damages that eventually occur over time.

LLumar Window Film for Homes

The LLumar window film is designed to reduce solar rays so that you can reduce the temperature in your home, as well as reduce glare. If a room is overheated, it can cost a lot of money. Air conditioning and energy costs will reduce by nearly 40% if you install the LLumar window film. It will also reduce glare, so that your television screen won’t have any extra light bouncing back and obscuring your sight. By reducing glare, you can also make your home less overheated. Summers in Orlando will be less uncomfortable with LLumar window films.

The LLumar window film is also designed to prevent skin damage so that you and your family can safely enjoy a sunlit space without worry. The harmful UV rays are rejected by the LLumar window film. It also offers protection and safety.