Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting is always a good idea. It not only comes with protective safety features, but also tax benefits for being a responsible, energy-saving homeowner, and reduction on electricity costs. Residential window tinting will protect residents from approximately 99.9% of dangerous solar rays including UV rays which can cause skin cancer as well as damage on fabrics, wood and rugs. Residential window tints won’t obscure your view, either. Whether it’s looking out or looking in, unless you find a window treatment that you want specifically for privacy, you won’t have to worry about your view being altered.

The nano-ceramic film technology is not only good for keeping you safe from UV rays but also from harm in case an unforeseen break occurs. If an unforced entry occurs in your home, the extra layer of protective covering on your windows will prevent a fast break in and entry. Should the glass break anyhow, the ceramic filming will most certainly prevent shattering of glass or flying glass, which can harm people’s furniture not to mention cause a great deal of injury. Furthermore, broken glass can be a pain to clean up. Hiring a professional cleanup crew to manage broken shards of glass inside your home can be unnecessarily costly. To prevent such accidents, be sure to have the ceramic filming over your glass for the ultimate coverage.

The Huper Optik nano-technology will reduce up to seventy percent of the solar rays entering your room. It’ll also reduce the fading of your property and furniture, not to mention the glare, which could create overheating. The window film won’t cause any distortion. In fact, there have been known instances when the film creates a sharper and clearer sight of images through the windows.

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of having Orlando Window Film improve your home windows:

  • You’ll protect you and your family against skin cancer and vision damage
  • You’ll prevent fading on all furniture as well as the floors
  • You’ll reduce glare on your television screen so that you can watch your shows and still enjoy some natural light inside your home
  • You’ll protect your house against unwanted break-ins
  • You’ll increase your privacy while still enjoying the open shades, reducing cost on energy up to 80% ***

*** It reduces 70% of solar energy and enhances images through the glass.

Residential Window Film Types