Residential Window Film Types

Huper Optik ceramic films come with a patented German technology that is good enough for NASA’s space shuttles. Nano-ceramic window films reject solar rays. Due to the window film’s high performing benefits, you’ll be able to reduce a number of damaging rays from entering your home. You’re preventing UV rays, heat and glare from wreaking havoc in your home. The patented Huper Optik technology is guaranteed to be free from dyes and metals. Given all of these high performing qualities, the film is still clear so that your view of your yard, backyard or the street won’t be obscured.

High Performing Ceramic Film

The Huper Optik ceramic film is 100% free of metals and dyes. The ceramic film is preferred over others due to its anti-fading quality. It can not only withstand extreme temperatures but also extreme weather. Huper Optik ceramic films are also preferred due to its low reflectivity, which will prevent homes from giving off too much glare.

Decorative Frost Windows for Privacy

Decorative front windows service a multi-function. It not only keeps your home looking sharp and glamorous but also protects your privacy while inside your home. The front window films are available in several shades, designs and colors. It is good for not only windows but also front doors and even mirrors.

Frosted window films will obscure the vision of outsiders who try to peer inside. You’ll be able to experience the benefit of getting in enough sunlight while still maintaining your privacy without having to draw the shades.

Frosted windows are also available in a variety of size or thickness. Depending on how much in terms of degree of opaqueness you want for your house, you can adjust it with your Orlando Window Film professional. If your home is near a traffic area or a busy street, you might want to consider this option to increase your own protection.

Frosted windows are not only great for privacy, but it also prevents up to 99% of UV rays from entering. This cancer causing ray is rejected by the frosted window film, ensuring the safety and protection of you and your loved ones inside your home.

Not only do frosted windows serve a decorative purpose, but it also protects your home’s most prized possessions. The window film’s UV ray rejecting quality will prevent damage on your wooden floors and wooden furniture. UV rays also have an ability to damage upholstery and fabrics. If you have drapes that are susceptible to fading or changing colors over time, you might want to consider installing a decorative frosted window film.

Decorative frosted window films are also great for bathrooms. If you have a shower stall with clear glass, you can increase your privacy by installing the decorative frosted window film over your shower stall’s glass. It’ll not only increase your shower privacy but also improve the aesthetic quality of your bathroom. The decorative frosted window can be installed without any messy bubbles or blisters so that it won’t ruin the look of your home. It is also easy to clean. Frosted window films also allow enough sunlight to enter bathrooms without the use of drapes or shades.

Homeowners have also installed the frosted window film over mirrors for décor. Rather than covering the entire bathroom or bedroom window with a frosted film, unique designs are added to the edges to give bathrooms and bedrooms a new look.

Residential frosted window films are also excellent alternatives to fabric drapes or curtains. The reason for this is due to its easy to clean practicality. Fabric drapes and curtains usually attract a great deal of dust. When shades are drawn, sunlight is rejected entirely. Frosted window films are easy to clean and let in enough sunlight to keep a home lit and comfortable.

Frosted window films are not only great for protecting your privacy but also prevents shatters and flying glass. By tinting your window, you’ll avoid potential thievery by not allowing access into your home, but you’ll also be keeping your vulnerable glass window protected from forced entry or blows. In the state of Florida where hurricanes are susceptible, frosted window films not only serve a decorative and protective purpose but it also keeps windows intact through extreme wind and rain conditions.

Not only will a frosted window film keep your home’s window protected against the elements, but it will also prevent any breakage from becoming a huge mess. If a thief does indeed manage to break your windows, flying glass and loose shards can become a bigger headache to clean up or manage. A frosted window film will ensure that loose glass pieces don’t go flying in all directions to wreak havoc in your home. You’ll save money and time when it comes to cleaning up. Furthermore, you’ll have the added benefit of paying lower premiums for home insurance with this added layer of protection on your home’s most vulnerable assets: windows. For your safety, security and protection, consider installing the frosted window film from Orlando Window Film.

A frosted window film will not only provide you with a peace of mind, but it will also save you money on energy costs as well as give you tax breaks. Since 2014, homeowners who have a window film can receive a tax break of up to 10% of what they pay for their window treatment. This is part of the green incentive that Congress wants to implement for homeowners across the country. Electricity bills are also guaranteed to be reduced with frosted window films. With less UV rays, less heat build up and less glare, homes won’t need to have the air conditioning on all day and night. For a comfortable day indoors, you can rely on your frosted window film to reject unwanted solar rays and heat without worrying about the energy costs spent on air conditioning. Not only will you be saving money, enjoying a more comfortable day indoors and ensuring the safety of yourself and others, but you’ll also be an environmentally responsible homeowner, saving cost on energy that might otherwise become pollution.