Tax Credits for Window Films

Did you know that there are tax benefits to having a home window film? Since 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has allowed tax benefits for those who take steps to be more efficient with energy use and consumptions in their home. With something as simple as window tinting on residential property, one can save a great deal of energy.

There are tax credits for all homes that reduce energy use.

By shutting off your reducing your air conditioning, you can save a great deal of electricity. Your responsible consumption of energy as a homeowner entitles you to a tax benefit from the government. The amount a single homeowner may be entitled to is up to thirty percent of any upgrades made in the amount of $1,500. Whether it is your living room window, bedroom window, door windows or skylight, investing in a window film will bring you a reward of not only tax credits but also savings on energy costs.