Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Homes with Huper Optik window films required less air conditioning than those without. The cool and comfy atmosphere was in thanks to the 84% reduction of the heat that enters from untinted windows. By reducing the air conditioning use at home, you’ll be saving a great sum of money on your bill each month!
The answer here is that it depends. Are you looking for a window tint for your home, your car, commercial property or boat? And what type of window tint are you looking for? Orlando Window Film offers several varieties of window films. The Huper Optik window films are patented quality films that are free of dyes and metals. They will not fade or rust over time. They’re also installed by professionals to prevent bubbles, blisters, peels and cracks.

You should take advantage of the free consultation you’re offered by the Orlando Window Film crew to find out what type of window film will be best for you. There are lots to take into consideration before you decide to add window tints. You can begin by asking yourself some basic questions prior to consultation as well, which will expedite the process.

1) What kind of window tint are you looking for? Is it for your home, business, car or boat?
2) What is the level of shade you are looking for? Window tints come in a wide range.
3) Are you looking for a special kind of window film for a specific use? For instance, do you need it to reduce glare and heat, or do you need it more for privacy?

These basic questions alone can help you narrow down your options to find the best window film for your needs.

Window tint laws are enforced by the state of Florida, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in what type of window tint you want. There are no restrictions on the color tint you want to install. If you want a more natural looking window tint, ask your window film professional at Orlando Window Film on what options you have. This way, you won’t have to redecorate your entire interior in your home, business or boat if you don’t want to. The one thing that is guaranteed is that you’ll enjoy a cooler and safer environment for yourself and others once you install a window film.
Absolutely. Part of the reason why most people install window tints in their homes is because they want to prevent this very damage. Sunlight is great, and everyone enjoys a home that gets plenty of natural lighting. However, too much sun, especially coming through unprotected windows, can be very damaging to wooden floors. Wooden floors are vulnerable to extreme sun.
A window film will prevent fading of not only your floors but all of your wooden furniture. If you have many wooden antique furniture, installing a residential window film is very much necessary. Not only is sunlight hurtful to wood, but also to fabrics. If you have unprotected windows, over time, your drapes, carpet and upholsteries will fade.

Window films will also prevent skin damage. UV rays have been known to be linked to skin cancer. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, install a window film in your home. Your Orlando Window Film professional will be happy to help you begin the process.

An automobile window tint in a sunny state like Florida is a must. Without it, you’ll be vulnerable to its conditions while driving. To prevent skin damage and impairment of vision, speak to your Orlando Window Film professional on what options you have. Some helpful answers to have at hand prior to your consultation are having the type of vehicle, make, and which windows you want tinted.

Automobile window tints also reduce glare. When driving around in a sunny state, you’ll be vulnerable to extreme sunlight. By reducing the glare, you’ll also be ensuring a safer driving experience. You’ll not only keep yourself safe but others on the road from harm by driving responsibly.

Marine homes are especially vulnerable to sunlight. Being out at sea, extreme sunlight, glare, heat, and UV rays can enter and harm your luxurious experience. In order to reduce glare, you must add a window tint that not only helps you navigate the waters more safely but doesn’t impair your view. Orlando Window Film offers window films that are dye and metal free so that the extreme conditions of the salty waters doesn’t damage it over time.
Window tints will prevent shatters and breaks from getting out of control. Whether you’re out on the road, out at sea, at your business or at home, window tints will prevent broken glass from flying in all directions. Window treatments from Huper Optik do have a shatter resistant quality that prevents glass from flying in all directions.

Not only does window tinting prevent shattering, but it also ensures privacy. Depending on the type of window treatment you want, you can request a window tint that is dark enough to keep outsiders from peering inside.