Commercial Window Tinting

The Orlando Window Film company’s Huper Optik window films have clients at commercial retailers such as the Sunglass Hut, Chipotle Mexican Grill and many other businesses.

Commercial window tinting is always a great idea when you want to save cost of energy at your workplace. Most commercial spaces have large display or picture windows so that storeowners can show off their products and services. These windows are especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures, sunlight, heat, UV rays and breaking and entering.

To avoid cost of excess energy spent, consider tinting commercial windows with Huper Optik window films. The benefits to a Huper Optik window film are numerous. First off, you’ll be saving costs on air conditioning. Once your large display windows are filmed with heat and UV ray rejecting qualities, your commercial space will become much cooler. You’ll be protecting your skin health, your employees’ skin health, as well as your clients’ skin health from damaging UV rays that enter through large, unprotected windows.


In addition to these benefits, the Huper Optik window film protects windows from scratches and abrasions, which would harm large windows. Display windows are especially vulnerable to such damages because of their size. Keeping it safe from damages is an additional benefit of Huper Optik film technology. Furthermore, should an unwanted criminal break the window, the Huper Optik film, which has a blow absorbing technology, can reduce the force, thereby reducing the damages.

When a large window like a commercial display window is broken into, the break itself is costly but what comes of the break, such as the flying glass, the shattering, can be far more damaging than just the break itself. Flying glass is hard to clean up. When shards go flying in all directions, not only are people injured very seriously but the furniture, floors and walls also take on damage. Replacing damaged furniture and hiring a professional cleaning crew to take care of the glass shards can be costly and time consuming. In order to reduce these costs and the time, adding a Huper Optik force absorbing film will keep breakage intact. This will save you and your business a great deal of money.

Orlando Window Film is happy to work with any and all businesses for commercial window filming. It doesn’t matter what the size, location or type of business you have. As long as you have a commercial window you’d like tinted, Orlando Window Film is there to help. They’ll make sure you have an improved curb appeal, lower cost on energy, extra security and lower premiums on insurance now that you have an added layer of safety protective gear on your prized window.